💰 Value: 1 ByteDex=0.05$
👥 Referral: 50 $BYTEDEX(~2.5$)
💸 Tokens: 100 $BYTEDEX (~5$)
📅 End Date: 25 July
🏦 Distribution Date: 15 August

Talk with the telegram Bot: https://t.me/BYTEDEX_bot?start=00479873180

📖 Step-by-step guide:
🔹 Join telegram Group (https://t.me/ByteDexGlobal)
🔹 Join telegram Channel (https://t.me/byte_exchange)
🔹 Follow Our Twitter (https://mobile.twitter.com/byteexchange) and retweet the pin post (https://mobile.twitter.com/ByteExchange/status/1408065240919543808)
🔹 Follow Our CEO on Twitter (https://mobile.twitter.com/ceobytedex)
🔹 Register On ByteDex.io and send ur registered mail
🔹 Submit TRC-10 Wallet address
Byte Exchange will open at the 31st July. You can do exchange easily in Byte Hybrid Exchange.

Withdrawal Limit :250 ByteDex
ByteDex Define İnformations
Tron Blockchain TRC-10 Format
Contract ID:1003894
Name: ByteDex
Symbol: ByteDex

📃 Information
ByteDex is a Hybrid Decentralized Crypto Exchange that trades on a Dual-Chain Blockchain. All information and crypto assets are locked into the blockchain through smart contracts and distributed through out the network in ByteDex.
ByteDex has 3 Crypto Licences, also Legit Project!



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