Airdrop Fanadise Win $10,000 USD in FAN tokens and 15 BNB

20 winners of $300 of FAN Tokens at IDO Price
20 winners of $200 of FAN tokens at IDO Price
6 winners of 2.5 BNB


Designed by the people behind many successful campaigns, brands and events, the creators of DDOB, Mr. Gugu, Aloha from Deer, successful Influencer Marketing companies, Creators of some of the largest social Media platforms and many more.

When we go live, we want you to use our platform. To make that a little more tempting, we’re giving away Fanadise tokens just for completing a few tasks. The more tasks you do, the better your chances of winning. Complete all the tasks for the Fan Bonus adding an extra 10 entries and viral share your post to get five extra entries for each person you refer.

The winners will be contacted on Twitter within three days of the contests close.



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