Globo Crypto Airdrop — Free 100,000 GLB ($250)

Globo Crypto is a crypto social network whose main goal is to connect members and brands to their target audience. They are doing an airdrop for 100,000 GLB ($250) if you complete a few simple tasks. The company is offering 10,000 GLB ($25) per referral. Check below for instructions on how to receive your airdrop.

Sign up here.

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1. Complete the captcha.
Step 2. Follow them on Twitter.
Step 3. Submit your Twitter username.
Step 4. Like them on Facebook.
Step 5. Submit your Facebook profile link.
Step 6. Sign up for their website.
Step 7. Submit the email used to sign up.
Step 8. Share your Binance Smart Chain wallet address (BEP-20)

Those are all the steps needed to receive your airdrop! The distribution date is still unknown. Remember, never pay any fees for your airdrop tokens!



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